Status : Ongoing

Department : Planning

Heritage Signage Project

Ekamra Kshetra is marked as a heritage zone in the comprehensive Development Plan for BDPA 2010. The Heritage Signage Guidelines for Ekamra Kshetra Heritage Zone has been drafted by BDA with an aim to provide clear, concise information, about the heritage monuments, which is relevant, aesthetically pleasing and consistent for all heritage sites. This will help promoting an unified and attractive appearance for all facilities and eliminate inconsistent, ineffective and unnecessary signs.

The guidelines have been approved at the 136th Authority Meeting of BDA and will be implemented after it gets the go ahead from the State Government. The document provides recommendations for installation of uniform and consistent signs for directional, locational, interpretation, location map, facility and emergency signage, shop and advertisement signage etc. to provide an uncluttered environment of the heritage zone. The Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) has also started the process to install a set of 521 heritage signage in Ekamra Kshetra based on the guidelines. The information on the signage will be in Odia, Hindi and English.