Status : Ongoing

Department : Planning

Town Planning Scheme 1

Bhubaneshwar Development Authority has planned to prepare & implementation Town Planning scheme No: 01/2015 for covering Mouzas ( Part) Paikarapur, Sijuput, Naragoda, Sahajpur. i.e for 746.70 Acres.

BDA has declared intention to prepare Town Planning scheme no-01/2015.

After having such series of meetings BDA had prepared tentative proposals of Town Planning Schemes to showing benefits of TPS to the Land owners and couple of consultation with land owners and stake holders BDA submitted the draft town planning scheme to the state government for sanction with modification under section 30 of ODA Act, 1982 along with the objections, suggestions and representations made there under for successful completion within six months from the date of publication.

The Said draft and preliminary Town planning scheme has been approved by the state government and now demarcation work is under progress.