Finance Branch is the Nerve centre of any organization. It plays a pivotal role for proper management of fund and exercise of control for a better fiscal discipline. There is a Finance Branch in BDA with the Finance Member, (an officer of Odisha Finance Service of SAG cadre) as the controlling officer. The main objective is to have a very sound financial management system including preparation of Budget and audit of the Accounts. The Finance Member is assisted by a Manager (Finance) rank of Junior Class-I of Odisha Finance Service Cadre and other supporting staff.  

Activities of Finance wing

  • To get the budget of the Authority prepared and transmitted to the State Government in time.
  • To ensure that the finances of the Authority are administered strictly according to the provision of the Act and these rules.
  • To ensure maintenance of all relevant registers in respect of finances and accounts of the Authority.
  • To ensure that compliances of the audit reports are transmitted to the appropriate authorities in time and
  • To cause transmission of such reports and returns to such authorities as laid down in the Act and these rules or as may be directed by the State Govt. or determined by the Authority, from time to time.
  • Any other matter as assigned by the Authority from time to time.

Introduction of e-payment gateway system in BDA

E-payment gateway system has been introduced in BDA through Axis Bank to facilitate online receipt and payment of BDA.